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Mrs Elliott


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Miss Walker

Teaching Assistant

Please click the links below for detailed overviews of the curriculum topics that will be covered in Reception.

Reception Information Meeting

Please click the buttons below for a more detailed overview of the curriculum, the specific topics to be covered, as well as practical ideas to help support your child’s learning at home.

Reception Workshops

Please click on the pictures below to be directed to presentations from our Phonics, Reading and Maths Workshops and any supporting materials.

Reception Phonics Workshop 13.9.23.jpg
LW Pronunciation Autumn.PNG

Autumn 1 sounds

Autumn 2 sounds

Spring sounds

LW Pronunciation Autumn 2.PNG

Capital Letter


Phase 2 Tricky Words.PNG

Phase 2 Tricky Words

Phase 3 Tricky Words.PNG

Phase 3 Tricky Words

Phase 4 Tricky Words.PNG

Phase 4 Tricky Words

Reception Reading Workshop 18.10.23.jpg
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Information for Parents Autumn.PNG

For more information about reading and phonics teaching at Hurworth Primary, including handy videos, please visit our Reading page here.

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