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Hearing Impairment

Coronavirus and support for deaf children

Please follow the links below for information for both parents and professionals covering issues such as school closures, access to hearing aid repairs and batteries, and supporting deaf children during the spread of coronavirus.

Information for Families and Professionals

We are a team of specialist teachers, known as Teachers of the Deaf. (Teachers of the Deaf are qualified teachers who have done an additional qualification; diploma or master degree, in deaf education.) A Teacher of the Deaf helps to support professionals, as well as working individually with children.


  • The primary aim of the Service is to provide appropriate and effective educational support to children and young people with a hearing impairment from 0 to 19 years, in order to raise achievement and overcome barriers to learning, through early identification of need.

  • The Service aims to work in collaboration with teachers, support staff and all other relevant agencies to promote and support inclusive practices and to ensure that children and young people with a hearing impairment have full access to a broad and balanced curriculum.

  • The Service aims to ensure that the Audiological requirements of the child/young person are met.


Level of Support

Hearing loss ranges from mild to profound and can be permanent or temporary. Some children with a hearing loss require little or no support at school while others may need intensive support for communication and learning for all of their education. The level of support offered to each child and family is based on the child’s needs in relation to their degree of deafness, their stage of development and the knowledge and support that they have around them.  We use the NATSIP (National Sensory Impairment Partnership) eligibility criteria to determine support levels. The support categories are:

  • Advice –  twice yearly or annual visits

  • Monitor – half termly/termly or block intervention

  • Support – weekly

  • Support Plus – twice weekly



The majority of children are referred to the service by Health:  ENT consultants or paediatric audiologists.  However, we also take referrals from schools if they have any concerns regarding a pupil’s hearing.  We do request that parents who are concerned about their child’s hearing should visit their GP to request a hearing test before a referral is made to us.

For more information on our Hearing Impairment team please click on the flyer below.

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