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LIN Service

The Low Incidence Needs Service (LINS) supports children and young people with visual impairment ,hearing impairment or physical need.  These children are ‘low incidence’ but often have a high need.

The service provides outreach support from a range of specialist staff who ensure the needs of children and young people with low incidence needs are fully met within the daily life of their school, or learning establishment.

The purpose is that children and young people with low incidence needs:

  • make good educational progress and reduce or close any attainment gap that was existing between them and their peers on entry to school

  • are happy at school, feel included and fully participate in the life of the school

  • move successfully on to a new school, further education or work or training.

The service takes the form of a designated provision at Hurworth Primary School.  Hurworth Primary school is designated by the local authority (LA) as hosting this expertise in relation to the education of children and young people with low incidence needs.

The LINS team comprises of a

  • 0.5 fte  Advisory Teacher for Children and Young People with Vision Impairment  who is a Qualified Teacher for Vision Impairment  (QTVI)

  • 1.7 fte Teachers of the Deaf (QTOD)

  • 1 Hearing Impaired Family Support Worker

  • Advisor for children with Physical Needs



Alison Maddison

Manager of the Low Incidence Needs Service


Mina Kaur

Teacher of the Deaf (ToD)


Clare Slater

Teacher of the Deaf (ToD)


Jenny Hill 

Advisory teacher for children with Visual impairment (QTVI)


Jan Littlejohn

HI Learning and Family Support Worker


Louise Farrow

Advisor for Children with Physical Needs

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