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School Meals

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Hurworth Primary School uses School Grid,  an award winning, electronic ordering and payment system, which not only gives parents flexibility and reassurance but cuts down on waste.



Pre-ordering is done by the parent and child at home via the school grid website system. Parents can view recipes, check ingredient information and block dishes that contain certain allergens.


At lunchtime, children select their name on a touch screen during lunch service.  Their meal choice is displayed to the cook, as well as any allergies or dietary needs. 

The cost of a school meal is £2.30 per day. If you think your child might be entitled to free school meals, please contact the  school office.

You can pay for school meals using the online payment system Parent Pay. Please follow the link below to access this.


Some of our pupils opt to bring a packed lunch. We ask parents to note:

  • The school cannot accept responsibility for packed lunches during the time of transportation and storage, or for the loss or damage of food and containers.

  • Packed lunches should be stored in suitable, unbreakable containers and stored in the trolleys provided.

  • All containers should be labelled with the child’s name.

  • No fizzy drinks, hot food, soups, tins, vacuum flasks or breakable containers should be brought into school.

  • We are a 'nut-free' school. It is imperative that we do not have nuts in school in any form. Please do not send nut products in lunch boxes.

  • Packed lunches will be eaten at the allocated tables in the dining hall.

  • At the end of the meal the pupil is responsible for returning all wrappings and uneaten food to their lunch container and taking it home. (This allows parents to see what has been eaten.)

  • The school has no facilities to store packed lunches under refrigerated conditions. Thought needs to be given to the type of food packed, particularly in warm weather conditions to avoid any risks to health.

We take great pride in the school meals we provide. We operate a system that offers a choice of main and dessert courses. The meals are of high quality and the staff encourage children to try new things and to eat a balanced meal. No child is ever pressurised into eating something they dislike or don’t want.

The social occasion of eating together at lunchtime is something we value highly at Hurworth. It allows staff and children the opportunity to enjoy a meal and to talk together. We operate a ‘family dining’ system. Children are organised in table groups of mixed ages and designated pupils act as table monitors to serve their table. Some staff eat with the children.

It is helpful if dinner money can be sent in on a Monday morning, if you are not using parent Pay. Some parents choose to pay for a half term, rather than send money each week. The cost of meals missed through absence will be refunded or given as credits in subsequent weeks.

We are responsible for the catering in school and can cater for special dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, complex medical diets and particular religious requirements. If your child needs a particular diet please contact school so that we can arrange for the cook to discuss your needs with you.

Catering Staff


Mrs Byrne

Head Cook


Mrs Jemmeson

School Cook


Mrs Bell

School Cook

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