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At Hurworth Primary School, we strongly encourage the wearing of school uniform. Wearing a uniform with pride gives a sense of group identity and shows belonging to our school family. As such, our children are expected to wear a uniform throughout their time at Hurworth. 

Our school colours are royal blue, white and grey. Branded items can be purchased by following the link below, however non-branded items of clothing are equally fine. No branded items are compulsory in our school. 

School Uniform Expectations

–  Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan (available with school logo)

–  Grey skirt, pinafore or trousers

–  White polo-shirt

–  White or grey socks/black or grey tights (with skirts or pinafores)

–  Sensible black shoes (no high heels or trainers)


Summer options:

–  Blue and white gingham dress

–  Grey school shorts

Indoor/Outdoor PE Expectations

–  White T-shirt (available with school logo)

–  Royal blue shorts

–  Long, plain, dark-coloured jogging bottoms or leggings

–  Royal blue hooded sweatshirt (available with school logo)

–  Trainers 

PE kit should be worn on the day that your child has PE. 


For reasons of health and safety, jewellery is not to be worn at school. In those cases where children have pierced ears and need to wear earrings to school then these should be studs.  Earrings should be covered with an elastoplast, whilst doing PE activities. On swimming days studs should be removed by your child prior to activity, taped or not worn to school.


It is not appropriate for children to wear make-up or nail varnish.

Order Uniform Online

You can order school uniform online via the Brigade website. Please click the link below.


We also have a Thrift Shop in school, where families can purchase pre-loved uniform items. Please ask at the office to access this. 

To find out more about our Thrift Shop, please click the link below.

Lost Property

It is important that all items are clearly marked (and re-marked at intervals) with your child's name so we can return lost items to the rightful owner. A great effort is made to restore lost items, which proves difficult when not named.


Any lost property is placed in a container in the main cloakroom. If you know your child has lost clothing, then please come and look. At the end of each term we invite children to view the lost property before disposing of any unclaimed items.

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