Year 5

Curriculum Overview for Year 5


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Curriculum Information for Parents

The table below provides a more detailed overview of the curriculum, the specific topics to be covered, as well as practical ideas to help support your child’s learning at home.


MATHS ·          Place Value

·          Addition and Subtraction (formal and mental methods and problem solving)

·          Statistics (line graphs and timetables)

·          Multiplication and division (factors, multiples, prime numbers, square and cube numbers, mental methods and multiplying/dividing by powers of 10)

·          Area and perimeter (finding the area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes)

Please encourage your child to keep practising their arithmetic skills with the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will use these in all areas of our maths and knowing facts off by heart will make it easier! They can also use Times Tables Rock Stars to help with their multiplication and division recall speed.
ENGLISH This term our whole class text is The Explorer by Katherine Rundell. Set in South America, this wildly exciting adventure story is about four companions who are on their way back to England from Manaus when the plane they’re on crashes. For days they survive alone, until Fred finds a map that leads them to a ruined city, and to a secret. Reading it, the children will be transported to a mesmerising world where they can swim with river dolphins, eat a tarantula and discover a ruined city. The children will use the story as a stimulus to write diary entries, newspaper reports, and the explorer’s story. They will also write a biography about a real life famous explorer. Why not find out more about the Amazon rainforest and its animals by researching using the internet or non-fiction books at the library? Your child could present their ideas as a fact-file or non-chronological report nad could also practise writing diary entries for a special occasion or a newspaper report for an event you have been to.



In our first science topic ‘Out of This World’, we will be learning all about the solar system, including the difference between a star, a moon and a plane, the names of the planets and the order they are in terms of distance from the sun. We will be making our own scale model of the solar system (with the help of some fruit and toilet rolls) to help us to comprehend the relative approximate sizes of the Earth, sun and moon and other planets. We will be learning about the moon’s orbit and how and why the moon appears to change shape over the course of a month. And we will investigate how the Earth’s movement causes night and day and how the position of the sun changes during the day.


Our second topic is all about materials. We will be investigating the properties of a range of materials and various reversible and irreversible changes such as dissolving, melting and evaporation. No doubt we will be getting messy when we experiment with mixing, heating and cooling different materials and identifying scientific processes and changes in some everyday situations.

Please join us on our trip to Wynyard Planetarium and Observatory for a fantastic star show and hopefully some night sky gazing.



Why not try out some of our experiments at home together. Kitchen cupboards are usually full of items you can use for this. This is a great website for simple experiments to do at home


HISTORY Our history topic is the ancient Maya. We will be learning where and when the Maya civilisation existed and comparing this to Britain at that time. We will investigate how the Maya empire grew and why it became so important. We will explore what life was like at the height of the Maya civilisation, looking at society, settlements, architecture, writing, maths and the calendar system, farming & trade, everyday life – clothing, food, sports, religion. We will also discover how the Maya expressed their culture through the arts and link this to our art work on Maya murals. And best of all, do you know what the ancient Maya are perhaps most famous for? Chocolate! So for design and technology this term we will be looking at recipes that include chocolate.  
GEOGRAPHY The children will be studying the geography of Central and South America – the home of the Maya. They will be learning the names and location of key countries and capital cities and identifying physical features such as major rivers, mountain ranges, forests and oceans. They will also find out information about population, climate and key products that originate from Central/South America. Plus, we will be researching some of the best known tourist attractions and writing our own tourist information leaflets. Perhaps if you passing a travel agents, you could pop in and collect a brochure about Central/South America to look at together and plan an imaginary (or even a real) holiday.


Our art this term will link to our history topic of the Maya. The children will be learning about the history of mural painting, in particular Mayan frescoes, and exploring the work of South American artist, Diego Rivera. They will investigate some techniques used in mural painting and experiment with line, tone and shade when drawing and painting. This will lead to the children working together to paint a mural depicting the ancient Maya culture.  
DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY Once again linking to our Maya topic, the children will be investigating, designing and making sweet and savoury recipes using produce that originate from South America. We expect there will be some chocolate in there somewhere! We will send some of the recipes for you to prepare together at home and we would love some feedback about what you think of them.
RE This term the children will be focussing on Islam. They will learn about the Qur’an; why Muhammad is important to Muslims and what Muslims believe about God. They will explore the features of a mosque and learn about the five pillars of Islam (the Shahadah, salah, fasting and Id-ul-Fitr; zakat and hajj) and their significance for Muslims today.

As we approach Christmas the children will be exploring the key themes of Christmas, looking at those theme in the gospel birth stories and discussing whether the themes of Christmas are still important today. And of course, we will be preparing for our whole school carol service.

If you can, please come along to our Christmas carol service at All Saint’s Church. Date and time is on the ‘Dates for your Diary’ or can be obtained from the school office.
PE During the first half term, the children will be having swimming lessons at the dolphin centre every Wednesday afternoon. In our PE lessons over the course of the term, they will be practising invasion and ball skills in tag rugby with coaches from Mowden Rugby Club; learning about orienteering and practising skills around the school grounds; gymnastics and fitness. Please ensure that your child remembers to bring their PE kit every Tuesday and their swimming kit on Wednesdays. We will be outside in all weathers (within reason) so warm tracksuit, waterproof, hat and gloves are also needed as we head into winter.


We will start the term by learning about the difference between a right and a responsibility. We will learn about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and use these ideas to help us think about our rights and responsibilities in and around school and our community. As always we will be celebrating anti-bullying week in November which this year has the theme ‘Choose Respect’ and a special ‘Stop, Speak, Support’ theme focussing on cyberbullying. Find out more at:


MUSIC In Autumn 1 the children will be working towards a Remembrance service to commemorate 100 years since the end of WWI. They will learn a range of songs from different genres and combine this with some drama. The children will be learning to adopt appropriate singing styles and follow a conductor. They will focus on singing in unison and in harmony and with sensitivity. As always they will have the opportunity and be encouraged to perform using the microphone and in front of an audience. In Autumn 2 they will be working towards the whole school Christmas carol service. Please join us for what we are sure will be a very moving Remembrance service and a very joyful Christmas carol service. Dates are on the ‘Dates for Your Diary’ or can be obtained from the school office.
FRENCH After recapping some of the vocabulary the children have learnt previously, we will be learning some of the sounds in the French alphabet and comparing them to our own. We will learn some French vocabulary to do with space and the planets to link with our science topic. We will be describing places we might pass on the way to school, such as the shop, the post office, church etc. Finally, we will be learning to sing a French Christmas carol which we hope to perform at our carol service. Listen to the song together here:


Can your child tell you what some of the words mean?

COMPUTING As we revisit the theme of online safety, the children will be exploring what makes a strong password is and how to create one in order to protect private information and accounts online. They will be thinking about how to participate responsibly and respectfully online and work together to create on a classroom motto about digital citizenship. They will be using MSW Logo to create their own artwork and will learn how to create and debug various algorithms. The children will also continue to improve their key skills ensuring that they can carry out tasks such as creating and naming new folders, inserting graphics and word art, using text wrapping, and inserting a table into a document. Ask your child to tell you how to make a password safe and strong and check that everyone in the family has secure passwords. Talk often to your child about the importance of behaving respectfully and responsibly on line. Perhaps you could talk about the different programmes you use on the computer at home or at work and experiment with them together.