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At Hurworth Primary School, the teaching of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education, including Relationships and Sex Education is integral to our whole school curriculum and ethos. We aim to take a holistic approach to the care and education of our children to enable them to grow into young adults who, as well as achieving their potential academically, are well-rounded, empathetic, confident, tolerant, socially and emotionally aware and safety conscious. PSHE at Hurworth Primary provides our children with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthy, safe, productive and responsible lives in modern Britain.

In order to achieve this, we work alongside parents and carers, other professionals and the local community. The PSHE lead works closely with the senior leadership team and SENCO and with other PSHE leads across schools in our multi-academy trust. The school has a Relationships and Sex Education policy and the PSHE lead works closely with the local authority RESH Coordinator, who helps to ensure that we are delivering a comprehensive curriculum, accessing relevant resources and keeping up to date with local and national developments.

The mental health and wellbeing of children takes priority at Hurworth Primary. The Headteacher, PSHE lead and SENCO are all mental health first aiders; we have teaching assistants who are trained as supportive listeners and others who are trained as mindfulness coaches; we also employ a counsellor to provide additional specialised one to one support for children and staff, as required.

Children from Foundation Stage to Year 6 take part in regular PSHE lessons as well as elements of the PSHE curriculum being taught through other subjects such as Science, RE, PE and the digital literacy element of our computing curriculum. We also have a well-planned programme of whole school and key stage assemblies that cover a range of issues including e-safety and the British values agenda. The planning of the PSHE curriculum is age-appropriate and progressive and covers the key areas of Citizenship and Economic Well-Being, Relationships Education, Healthy Lifestyles and Staying Safe. We use a wide range of resources endorsed by the PSHE Association. As well as knowledge and understanding of a wide variety of subjects and issues, we aim to help our children to develop positive attitudes and values and a wide range of personal and social skills.

Children’s learning and development in PSHE is assessed by class teachers and teaching assistants. The regular monitoring of teaching and learning in PSHE is planned into the whole school strategy and is carried out by the PSHE lead and SLT. All members of the teaching and support team are aware of the importance of this area of the curriculum, and fully support its delivery both in the form of formal lessons and through pastoral support and extra-curricular activities. We are committed to providing further training to all members of staff to support the teaching of PSHE. The subject team members are experienced and highly committed to continually developing and improving our PSHE curriculum and are fully supported by the senior leadership team.

The document below provides an overview of our PSHE curriculum for each year group.

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