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The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future
- Theodore Roosevelt

At Hurworth Primary, we aim to provide our children with a history curriculum that stimulates their curiosity of the past in order to help them to understand the present and prepare for the future. We want children to be excited and engaged by people and events from the past and the impact they have had on our lives today. Our history curriculum starts with each child and their own history, developing to explore aspects of what life was like for previous generations of their family. They go on to learn about other significant individuals, places and events, and about how our lives have been shaped by some of the greatest civilisations. Through this, we aim to provide children with a sound chronological awareness, a sense of time and place and an understanding of the process of change.

Our locality has a rich heritage and our history curriculum explores and capitalises on this. The children learn about the history and significance of their village, town and country, understanding that many others have settled here in the past and left their mark. They also learn about significant historical people and events from around the world, opening their eyes to the diversity of societies and the similarities and differences between their own and other countries’ cultural heritages.

As much as possible, we aim to bring history to life for our children. Through exploring artefacts, visiting museums and historic sites and talking to specialist visitors, they learn the skills of enquiry and investigation and that our understanding of history comes from many different sources of evidence and viewpoints. We want children to understand that there are many versions of history, to ask their own questions and draw their own conclusions.

There are planned opportunities for children to use and apply their skills in literacy and numeracy whilst strengthening their understanding and enjoyment of history. Meaningful links are made with other subjects in order to contextualize and motivate. Children are encouraged to be creative and to present and share their knowledge in a variety of ways, ensuring that all children including the most disadvantaged and those with SEND are able to enjoy and achieve in this subject.

The document below provides an overview of our History curriculum for each year group.

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