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Creativity is intelligence having fun.
- Albert Einstein

Design and Technology supports children in developing their ability to imagine, develop and execute a concept. At Hurworth Primary our aim is for our Design and Technology curriculum to be inspiring, rigorous and practical, encouraging children to engage creatively both as individuals and as members of a team. We believe that creativity and the use of imagination lies at the very heart of children’s learning and development. We want children learn to think creatively in order to design and make products and apply problem solving in a variety of contexts. Children are encouraged to consider their own and other’s needs, wants and values which also supports opportunity for reflection and evaluation of present and past design. Our aim is to create future generations of creative and innovative young people.

Our Design and Technology curriculum is mapped throughout each year, ensuring progression in both knowledge and skills, as children continuously build on their ability to imagine, develop, and execute a concept. Across all key stages tasks are set in the context of children’s current and prior learning and teaching is delivered in an inspiring, engaging and motivating manner to encourage children to want to know more and to facilitate active learning.

In EYFS, the use and manipulation of basic tools and materials is a key focus. Children explore and use a variety of resources through a combination of child initiated and adult directed activities based around the children’s interests and their personal areas of development. These skills are further developed in Key Stage One and Two as children are encouraged to participate in a variety of creative and practical activities which aim to challenge and engage in a rewarding manner, enabling all children, including the most disadvantaged and those with SEND, to achieve and enjoy in this subject.

Design and Technology is not a discrete skill, and as such, it is applicable to a range of subjects throughout each year group.  It has particularly strong cross curricular links with mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art. DT is often utilised within these subjects to reinforce understanding through the use of practical modelling, and to promote ‘outside the box’ thinking when it comes to problem solving. In addition, through its practical nature, Design and Technology encourages development and reinforcement of key social skills and promotes both collaboration with others as well as individual creativity.

The document below provides an overview of our D & T curriculum for each year group.

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