Our Ethos and Values

Our Values:

Respect Ourselves, Respect Others, Respect Learning, Respect Achievement. Our Motto: Consider, Create, Contribute.

Our Vision:

Empowering children to play a full, active and engaged role as responsible citizens in a rapidly changing world.

Our Motto:

Consider, Create, Contribute.

Our Mission:

To achieve our vision all members of our school community will:

  • Challenge themselves, moving beyond what is known and comfortable to discover the greater potential that each of us has; in so doing we promote self belief and personal development;

  • Contribute to the wider community, locally, nationally and globally, becoming more socially and environmentally aware and responsible.

Our curriculum and learning environment are organised to support us in achieving our mission. We have identified a number of skills and attributes that we believe are important to help us survive and thrive in a fast changing world. These skills and attributes for successful learning in the twenty-first century are actively developed within our school by access to opportunities and experiences across the whole curriculum. These are our ‘foundations’ for success.

The Foundations:

  • Resilience (Personal confidence, adaptability, management of change etc.);

  • Challenge and Enterprise (Problem solving, aspirational ambitions, enquiry etc.);

  • Learning how to Learn (Study skills, thinking skills etc.);

  • Practical / Experiential Learning (learning through doing, ‘hands-on learning);

  • Awareness of Ethical, Moral and Philosophical Issues (Thinking about the ‘big’ questions and ideas).