At Hurworth Primary we have a duty to ensure that any children with Special Educational Needs are identified, assessed and provided for throughout their time in school. Their progress is regularly monitored and evaluated within the mainstream classroom and when necessary through other professional bodies in line with the SEN Code of Practice 2014.  Our aim is to ensure we enable children with Special Educational Needs to achieve to the best of their abilities and overcome any barriers to their learning.  We believe that all children, regardless of their individual needs, should be treat equally and have the same opportunities with reasonable adjustments made where necessary in order to reach their full potential.

Whilst many factors contribute to the range of difficulties experienced by some children, we believe that much can be done to overcome them by parents, teaching staff and children working together. Our school firmly believes in developing a strong partnership with parents to enable children with SEND to achieve their full potential. We recognise that parents have a unique overview of the child’s needs and how best to support them, and that this gives them a key role in the partnership. Additionally, we believe pupil voice is vital in creating a shared responsibility and vision for the school. There are lots of opportunities for children to become involved in the decisions that affect them, their school and their learning. We aim to inspire children to take a leading role.

At Hurworth Primary the SEN team (Miss Laing, SENCO and Mrs Sellars, HLTA) work closely with all teaching staff in school to ensure they understand the implications for those children who have SEN.

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