Physical Needs Advisory Service

This service offers specialist advice and assessment for primary and secondary school aged children with a physical impairment affecting their safe participation and access to their school environments. Schools are able to refer for environmental assessments, help to complete physical moving and handling and risk assessment forms and for moving and handling training.



To promote the access and inclusion of pupils with a physical disability and assist educational settings in developing their capacity to meet pupil needs.


Who we see:

Children with an identified physical (not behavioural) need, 4-16 years within primary and secondary education.



* Pupil Environmental assessments

* Advisory training role for schools/nurseries to complete Physical Moving and handling risk assessments

* Person specific Moving and handling practical training for staff

* Equipment monitoring and support


Pupil Environmental assessments

* To provide professional support and advice to school staff to ensure pupils can physically access and participate in the curriculum.

* To assist schools in undertaking access audits / environmental assessments in order to enable schools to meet their responsibilities under equalities legislation.

* Joint working where applicable with Health Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to establish pupil needs for the purpose of accessibility and inclusion in all areas of school and access to the national curriculum.

* Provide written report with action plan/recommendations for schools.

* Advice as needed to follow the specialist equipment policy


Physical Moving and Handling Risk Assessment

* Advisory training role to schools/SEND Coordinators in the completion of Manual Handling Risk Assessments for children with identified Physical Disabilities.

* It is the responsibility of the school to write, monitor and maintain the risk assessment.


Person Specific Moving and Handling Practical Training for Staff

* Liaise with relevant health professionals as appropriate.

* Provide practical support and advice to schools when completing personal moving and handling transfers.

* Theory of moving and handling will be taught directly to teaching staff involved with the named child.


Equipment Monitoring and Support

* To liaise with health professionals regarding the request for specialist equipment.

* Provide assessment, advice and guidance where appropriate to the LA and schools on the identification and acquisition of specialist equipment and adaptations to improve access to the building and curriculum whilst ensuring safety for the staff and child.



The Service has an open referral system including those from education settings, Early Years Inclusion Service, health professionals and parents.


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