Ofsted and DFE

The parents and carers I spoke to were extremely positive about the school. Parents told me that their children enjoy coming to school and are happy and interested in their learning. All parents who responded to the online Ofsted Survey, Parent View, would recommend the school to others. One parent reflected the views of many and said, ‘My son wants to go to school every day, and that speaks volumes!’ Parents feel that communication is strong, and this enables them to be involved in their child’s learning. They also feel that staff are approachable.

Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary. They are polite, well mannered and enjoy learning. You and your team have cultivated positive learning behaviours in a stimulating and purposeful learning environment. Pupils told me they enjoy coming to school because teachers ‘make lessons fun’. Pupils appreciate the wide range of extracurricular and sporting activities available to them and speak with pride about representing the school in sporting events. The pupils I spoke to are justifiably proud of their school.

Please find below the links to our Ofsted report and school dashboard provided by Ofsted.