At Hurworth Primary we believe that learning is a lifelong process through which everyone can achieve their potential and exceed their expectations. We understand the curriculum to be all of the learning and other experiences that we plan for our pupils. We aim to make this a broad, balanced, inclusive and progressive curriculum that will allow our pupils to achieve their full potential and prepare them well for life after the primary school.

We fulfil the statutory requirements to:

  • Teach the National Curriculum and religious education;
  • Teach about drugs as set out in the National Curriculum for Science;
  • Provide a daily act of collective worship;
  • Avoid political bias;
  • Make provision for pupils with special educational needs;
  • Decide whether to disapply aspects of the curriculum to provide more time for other aspects such as basic skills;
  • Establish procedures for dealing with complaints.

In addition we give a commitment to developing those aspects of the curriculum that reflect our values and aims.

Copies of all curriculum policy documents are available on request. These documents outline the aims and objectives for each curriculum area as well as explaining the organisation of the subject throughout the school. Our aim is to ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of all our pupils. Where parents consider that this is not the case they should make an appointment to discuss concerns with the Head of School. If they feel the need they do have the right to make a complaint to members of the governing body. The governors will then consult with the Head of School on how to resolve the complaint.


Curriculum Statements (click links to view)


Curriculum by Year Group

Please use the links below to view more information on year groups and their  curriculum topics.

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Curriculum by Subject

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For more information on the new curriculum and the new assessment please see the downloadable guides below (Click to download). These guides provide a clear outline of the new content, by year group, with some background information about how the curriculum and assessments work.

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Worship and Religious Education

We value the importance of coming together for our daily act of collective worship. We also wish to respect the integrity of every child, whatever their beliefs. Our act of worship is, therefore, an inclusive act enabling everyone to participate in a way that is appropriate to the individual.

The school has connections with the Church and Chapel in Hurworth village and ministers sometimes come to school to lead an assembly and, on occasions, children will visit the church. There are opportunities to explore tales and teachings from other faiths too.

Religious Education is taught as a subject. We follow the Darlington Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.

Our policy for Religious Education is available on request for inspection. Parents are legally entitled to withdraw their children from assembly or religious education lessons and to expect that they will, in that event, be properly supervised. We do hope, however, that parents will value the inclusive ethos of our school and support their children in taking a full and active part in our activities.


We formally invite parents to meet the class teacher to discuss progress twice a year. In the final term parents are provided with a written report. Teachers are always happy to meet parents but it is helpful if you can telephone to make an appointment, unless it is an urgent matter.

Parents will receive information about events or new developments by letter and a half termly newsletter. We also hold information evenings at the start of the academic year or more frequently if required. In Foundation, there are three workshops parents are invited to; Phonics, Reading and Maths. Hurworth Primary School operate a texting link with parents.

Parents also have a voice via their elected representatives on the Governing Body. The school will, periodically, invite parents to complete an Ofsted style questionnaire to gauge parental views on aspects of the school as part of the school self evaluation cycle.